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  • We provide comprehensive Search Engine Optimization services including crafting website structure, keyword research, and content creation.
  • We learn your unique business model and advertising objectives. So whether you need sales leads or if you are selling products via e-commerce, we leverage our private equity investing experience to dig deep into your business metrics to understand your products and services and deliver you the best ROI possible.
  • Our SEO experts stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest from the major search engines, leaving your time free to concentrate on what you know best — your business.
  • Rest assured, we do NOT use black hat tactics. We help clients capture top search rankings by giving genuine value to site visitors and proving that value to search engines through every legitimate means possible.

PPC + SEO = Great Things

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of getting search engines to show your webpages first to relevant searchers.

Pay-per-click advertising is a fast way to capture the very top of search engine results pages, text messaging, target a broad range of search queries, and leverage special features like product listing ads.

Combined, PPC and SEO is a powerful strategy that can bring you massive amounts of revenue and make your business the answer to your target audience’s problems and needs.

Our goal is to take advantage of every possible inch of search engine results real estate for you. Communicate the right offers at the right time via PPC and build a solid SEO strategy that will position your website as a reliable source for solutions to customer needs.

Customer Testimonials

"The Griffin Ads Group team has truly made a difference in our business and has taken a headache out of marketing for our business. They listened to the unique nature of our business, developed a plan, implemented that plan, tweaked that plan and it works, it works well!"

Akinola B.

Akinola B.

"So glad we chose to pass off our ad campaign management to Griffin Ads Group - our account manager is quick to put any requests on our campaigns into effect and easy to work with, and more importantly, they give us the information we need to understand our ad campaigns."

Benson S.

Benson S.

Maddox Transformer

I’d like to express my profound appreciation for the outstanding services that Griffin Ads has provided to FLoor Tape Store. Before partnering with Griffin Ads, our journey with PPC agencies was nothing short of challenging. However, since collaborating with your team, the tides have turned remarkably in our favour.

Ikechukwu A.

Ikechukwu A.

The Floor Tape Store